The changing face of the B2B Sales Landscape

22 Dec 2017

We are currently experiencing the biggest shift in buyer behaviour that the world has ever seen as a result of the internet changing the way we buy!

Now more than ever, marketing and sales teams need to come together to respond to the changing face of the sales and marketing landscape.

Fuelled by new technology making it easier to get online, changing buyer habits, and business growth expectations, Marketing Automation is one strategy that has captured the imagination of the B2B industry.

Think back to a few years before the internet. The way businesses marketed and sold to customers was entirely different – through telesales, Tv adverts, exhibition stands, brochures, leaflets and flyers. This material was all designed to get the customer to pick up the phone, fill in a form, or pay a visit to your showroom or shop.

70% of the buying decision is now made before a buyer even picks up the phone

Today’s buyer does not appreciate a hard sell. In fact, 70% of the buying decision is made before any contact with your sales person, because they’ve already been online and learnt what they need to know to make an informed decision.

So why is this important to your sales and marketing strategy?

With 70% of your potential customers making their own mind up about whether or not to buy your products or services without any input from you, you need to find ways of delivering valuable content that influences their opinion of you, and creates awareness and trust in your abilities.

Without a fully integrated digital marketing and sales strategy, your business cannot amass the number of sales-ready leads that you need to grow your sales turnover.

Digital Marketing Automation (MAP) is a game changer. It changes a buyer controlled sales process into a sales controlled sales process

If your business wants to generate more sales-ready leads without a hefty investment in outbound marketing tactics, inbound marketing, that includes use of Marketing Automation, could be right for you.

Marketing Automation software lies beneath your website and gathers intelligence about the people visiting. Over time, as profiles build, you will start to understand what people are interested in, what they are downloading, which pages they are looking at etc, so you can connect on a level that they both want and understand.

An approach based on the latest scientific findings

This intelligence can then be used in tandem with your CRM system and content strategy, to provide personalised user experiences, leading to healthier conversion rates, ROI etc as prospects move through the sales funnel.

Want to know more about what Marketing Automation can do for your business?

Download our new guide: Can you really grow your business with Marketing Automation?

We’ve put together this simple, easy to understand guide that takes you through the entire Marketing Automation process.

This covers everything from why Marketing Automation is now necessary, who is using it, how it works, the business benefits, key features and functions, and, most importantly, how your business can grow as a consequence of using it.

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