I’ve heard of Inbound Marketing, but what exactly is it?

16 Jan 2018

Inbound Marketing is a method of guiding your customers to you, by simply providing them with access to great content online.

In recent years, the way people buy has changed because of the internet. Prior to the rise of the internet, traditional outbound marketing activities like an exhibition presence, mail shots, direct print advertising etc had proven to be the best way of engaging with your audience.

Recognising that the internet has now empowered people to buy, sell and find out about things in a completely different way, outbound activities are slowly, but surely being replaced with more accountable, digital inbound marketing tactics.

Inbound Marketing seeks to provide prospects with valuable digital content that customers need to make informed buying decisions, because the internet is now where people go looking for suppliers, solutions and answers to their questions. An example of the content that B2B buyers want to help them make decisions about what and who to buy from can be found below.

What exactly is inbound marketing?

Inbound Marketing focuses on attracting customers through use of quality content like blogs, social publishing, premium downloadable PDFs, explainer videos etc. Content that is demanded by buyers because they want to be in control of the sale, to be educated about new things, and to be guided by a trusted adviser.

You won’t have to fight for your customer’s attention – you will already have it!

Unlike outbound marketing, Inbound Marketing provides potential customers with a much more personal experience of you. It’s designed to respond to their unique interests and requirements, to answer their questions, to meet their wants and needs. Therefore securing you a high degree of trust and confidence in what you do, by establishing your business as the ‘go to’ expert.

Alignment of content to a customer’s wants and needs helps to boost your sales results. It builds trust and loyalty

By targeting the online content you publish through your website and social channels, to the meet the needs of your prospective customer, it naturally follows that you will attract more inbound traffic (or prospects) that your marketing team can lead down the sales funnel, and pass to your sales team to eventually close.

As above over 70% of the buying decision has been made before a buyer makes any contact. With customers now taking on a more active role in the sales process, it’s important that B2B companies adapt their marketing and sales strategy to give prospects what they want, when they want it. But to facilitate that, you have to understand what a customer actually wants.

Over 51% of B2B companies are now using Marketing Automation software (MAPs) to convert anonymous digital visitors into actual prospects that they can connect and build lasting relationships with over time.

Lying beneath a website, automation software gathers vital intelligence about visitors; often starting with an email address, as more data emerges about a customer’s digital journey and interests, ie: what pages are being downloaded, videos watcher etc, B2B companies can understand what prospects want and respond by distributing with amazing content via email that is aligned to individual profiles.

Find out more by downloading our Guide to Inbound Marketing Automation below, it’s a eye opening way to understand how you save time and increase the productivity of your sales team.

Inbound Marketing is a technique that every business needs to have in their marketing tool kit. Combined with the right content, it can be a winning combination, paving the way for your future sales success.

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