Using SharpSpring Social to Manage your Social Media Marketing

24 Sep 2018

Social Media Marketing combined with Marketing Automation can pack a powerful punch and achieve great results for your business. One of the many benefits of SharpSpring Social is being able to post to your social media channels via one, easy-to-use platform

SharpSpring has many features that make it easy to manage your digital marketing strategy from one central hub. SharpSpring Social helps you to create and schedule posts to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and also helps you see how users are interacting with your brand through its social listening feature.

By fully integrating social media management with Marketing Automation, SharpSpring Social enables you to increase brand awareness, generate leads and boost customer engagement. Users can identify hot prospects by adjusting lead scores based on social activity.

Let’s take a look at some of the key function of SharpSpring Social and how it can help you manage your Social Media Marketing.

Connecting Social Media Platforms to SharpSpring

Connecting your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts to SharpSpring is simple, all you need is your login details for each social media platform you want to connect. You can connect your social media platforms via the settings menu in the SharpSpring toolbar.

Open the settings menu and then under the features menu on the left select social media. In the social media settings menu, you can then add your social media channels via the add connection button and following the instructions for each platform.

What is the Content Calendar?

The Content Calendar allows you to create, schedule and publish social posts directly to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Once you have created your post, selected which social channels you would like to publish to and the exact date and time you want it to post, your post will appear in the Content Calendar, along with any of your other Marketing Automation activities, such as emails.

Having full visibility of what will be published or sent and when and where it will be going can help you better manage your digital marketing campaigns and helps give everyone in your team full visibility of what is happening.

Often with one team looking after email marketing and another looking after social media marketing, the approach can be disjointed. But by using a platform such as SharpSpring to manage both, you can create a seamless and joint up approach to your digital marketing strategy.

Publishing posts to multiple social media platforms

One of the biggest time-saving benefits of using SharpSpring Social to manage your social media marketing campaign is the ability to publish a post to multiple platforms. Before you create your post you can select which of your connected social media platforms you would like the post to be published on.

This means you can create one post that can be published on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook instead of having to create three identical posts for each platform. This not only helps save time but can also help to ensure consistent messaging across your social media platforms and that each of your social media platforms are kept up to date.

If you are interested in combining your Marketing Automation and Social Media Marketing via SharpSpring, why not get in touch with us to arrange your free SharpSpring Demo to see how it could help your business.

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