How can B2B Companies Benefit from Marketing Automation?

08 May 2019

When it comes to marketing, B2B companies can be faced with several unique challenges from budget constraints to communicating the right messages at the right time.

Marketing Automation can offer many benefits to B2B companies and help them overcome the challenges they face when it comes to their marketing. Overcoming these challenges helps businesses attract quality leads, grow their business and improve their return on investment. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits Marketing Automation offers for B2B companies.

Intelligent use of budget

One of the biggest hurdles B2B companies face when it comes to their marketing strategy is budget constraints. Marketing Automation allows you to achieve more without the need for large budgets. A Marketing Automation campaign can be run by a much smaller team and automating tasks such as emails can reduce the time it takes to manage, track and implement your marketing campaign.

Improve the quality of leads

Marketing Automation allows B2B companies to evaluate a prospects activities, such as downloading a white paper or visiting key pages of their website to assign leads a score to identify how closely they fit your customer personas and monitor where they are in the customer journey.

Marketing Automation and lead scoring can help B2B businesses generate quality leads, nurture their potential customers, build customer relationships and optimise their sales and marketing teams.

Drive business development

Developing new business is vital for business growth, identifying potential growth markets and opportunities requires analysis of marketing data. Marketing Automation helps you track visitors to your website to gain a complete profile of who they and how and why they have come to your website to give you a clearer understanding of the markets and industries your business appeals to.

Once armed with this information your business can then implement Marketing Automation campaigns that target these growth markets and opportunities.

Expand your audience

Expanding your audience can be a challenging task, but Marketing Automation equips you with the tools you need to meet your business goals. Creating personalised content that not only communicates the right messages but delivers them at the right time to ensure your content is relevant to your leads.

“According to Experian content marketing was the one activity that B2B businesses believed would make the greatest impact to their marketing.”

Stay top of mind

Content marketing and lead nurturing can help keep your business at the front of potential customers minds. Lead nurturing is about building relationships with leads over time and continuing to engage them until they are ready to buy. According to DemandGen Report, lead nurturing can produce on average a 20% increase in sales opportunities.

If you would like to discover how Marketing Automation could help your B2B business grow and help you stand out from your competitors, request your free SharpSpring demo.

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