Simple Guide - Marketing Automation v CRM

Posted by Marketing on 4 Dec 2017

Simple Guide - Marketing Automation v CRM

It’s not a question of either or/you need both!

It’s very easy to confuse what your customer relationship management system does, and then to compare it with Marketing Automation. 

Once you appreciate what each one can do, you will realise that both are needed to identify, track, nurture and convert prospects into sales as they move through your sales funnel. 

It’s only then that you will have complete prospect visibility empowering you to improve the performance of your sales and marketing teams.

To clarify what each system can do, we have produced a comparative summary - click below to get a Free copy.

Marketing Automation vs CRM

We think it’s worth a look given that finding the best way of managing today’s digital customer relationships is hugely important to your future sales efforts. 

With over 70% of the buying decision being made before any contact with your business, you need to reach out, connect and be first in line when following up, maintaining contact and giving customers what they want.

If you want to see an example of a Marketing Automation Platform with an integrated CRM or one that can sync with your company’s CRM then click below and we’ll set up a Demo for you.

demo sharpspring

Perfect is a SharpSpring Platinum Partner and experienced Customer Acquisition Agency specialising in Sales Lead Generation, through Marketing Automation.  If you find our blog interesting then please take 2 minutes to make contact, so you can start benefiting from our experience and ideas.

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