Who is visiting your website?

Your online presence is a big investment. But do you really know who is visiting your site, and if you do, what do you know about them? Sadly, most businesses know very little and are therefore missing out on a huge opportunity to generate more sales-ready leads. Let us start by showing you who’s on your website.

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Who is visiting your website?
Can you grow your business with Marketing Automation?

Can you grow your business with Marketing Automation?

This gives more insight into the benefits of using SharpSpring software, what it can achieve, and how it can provide a framework for your sales and marketing strategy.

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Discover Who Is Interested In Your Business

Daily Visitor Reports

We’ll make sure you’re always on top of things with a daily report confirming who has visited your website.

Identify Leads By Name

We will collect the name, contact and profile information from identified visitors.

Hot Lead Notifications

Perfect will send notifications of highly scored leads to your sales team via text and email for actioning.

Take Action

Our team will work with you to create unique customer experiences to move prospects through the purchasing funnel.

Track Activity

Our software will monitor the interests of every visitor as they move throughout your website.

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