Moving prospects through the sales cycle

A MAP (Marketing Automation Platform) converts anonymous website visitors into prospects and leads, then tracks their interests through the sales funnel, providing regular, automated content so that they can learn more about you, and start to trust your brand.

By tracking and profiling visitors, identifying their needs and giving them valuable content, you can connect with prospects on a level that they want and expect, and then start to build a relationship early in the buying process.


Why Marketing Automation?

With 70% of the buying decision already made before a buyer even contacts your sales team, B2C or B2B Marketing Automation helps businesses to re-claim the power, to drive more sales, increase conversions and prove ROI.

  • Highlight more prospects

  • Build lasting relationships early on in the buying process

  • Increase sales conversion rates

  • Prove ROI

  • Respond to the changing face of the marketing and sales landscape

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Why Marketing Automation?
The changing sales and marketing landscape

The changing sales and marketing landscape

According to a recent Business Products Buyer Survey, 80% of decision-makers now find their potential supplier, and 90% say that when they are ready they will come and find you.

The point is the internet has dramatically changed the sales and marketing landscape, creating a need for Marketing Automation.

With the prospect of generating more sales-ready leads at a fraction of the cost, it’s no surprise that 51% of B2B companies are now using Marketing Automation platforms to optimise their sales and marketing activities.

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Can you grow your business with Marketing Automation?

We understand what Marketing Automation can do and how it can help your business to reach today’s internet-connected buyer. Do you?

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Grow your business with Marketing Automation?

This gives more insight into the benefits of SharpSpring automation software, how it can drive sales, help nurture leads through the sales funnel and increase conversions.

Can you grow your business with Marketing Automation?