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Improve your sales performance

The SharpSpring Marketing Automation platform has a CRM that tracks leads and provides a scoring system, so leads can be nurtured to a sales-ready stage. It can also integrate with your existing CRM so prospects don’t fall through the net.

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Identify opportunities, optimise efficiency

Automate Lead Distribution

Push leads from your marketing efforts into your CRM then automatically assign and notify the appropriate sales rep.

Track Your Quotes

Create complete transparency of outstanding quotes to identify status of each quote.

Monitor Sales Rep Activity

Create detailed activity reports to  ensure your team is active in reaching out to leads and progressing current accounts.

Sales Reports

Visually analyse your sales performance data with dashboards and detailed reports for maximum impact.

Setup Accounts & Contacts

Organise accounts and contacts to achieve a clear understanding  of your customer’s purchase history, profile, and points of contact.

Motivate Your Sales Team

Create added motivation, ie: competitions, encouraging your sales team to focus on converting leads, to generate more revenue.