Focusing on active leads

It can sometimes be extremely difficult, faced with a number of sales prospects, to prioritise contact so that your sales team can focus on those that are most likely to be converted. By setting up a lead scoring threshold system, you can instantly identify which leads are the most urgent.

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Focusing on active leads

Discover Who Is Interested In Your Business

Score Web Leads with Our Tried and Tested Model

We can automatically apply points to prospects that take valuable actions, to clearly identify highly active leads.

Establish Lead Scoring Threshold

Create a qualification threshold so that your sales team can easily identify which leads to focus on.

Rank Lead Activity

Sort prospects by lead score to focus on the leads that are most interested in your products and services.

Trigger Automated Communication

Send automated personalised emails from sales reps to leads that break the qualified threshold.

Can you grow your business with Marketing Automation?

Can you grow your business with Marketing Automation?

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