How to use AI marketing

How to Use AI Marketing

26 Jan 2023

Have you wondered how to use AI Marketing? While AI (Artificial Intelligence) marketing may sound like something from a futuristic fantasy film, you may already be using it. For many, the concept of AI Marketing may feel a long way from implementation, but the reality is that chatbots, social media targeting and Marketing Automation are already using it and therefore so are many businesses.

In simple terms, AI marketing is the process of taking artificial intelligence to make automated decisions based on audience data. The amount of customer data garnered by businesses has grown exponentially as we progress through the digital age. When you combine this wealth of data with machine learning, it can be used to anticipate your customer’s next move and enhance their buyer journey.

If your business’s marketing strategy utilises email automation, paid ads, social media targeting and chatbots then you have already adopted AI marketing. As people now expect information instantly, there is a growing demand for augmented reality experiences to improve experiences and drive consumer loyalty.

While many businesses may be knowingly or unknowingly using it, many are asking how to use AI marketing and questioning whether it is a passing fad or if it will forever change digital marketing.

Is Marketing Automation a form of AI Marketing?

Marketing Automation platforms such as SharpSpring are one of the most common uses of AI marketing to date. Businesses of all shapes and sizes have adopted Marketing Automation over the last few years to help them remove repetitive and time-consuming tasks and communicate with leads at the right stage in the buyer journey.

For example, a simple drip email campaign run via Marketing Automation uses AI technology to collate the data gathered about each customer to segment audiences and automate the delivery of the right messages and content at the right time to further progress them along the sales funnel.

Examples of how to use AI Marketing

It is widely recognised that digital marketing is embracing artificial intelligence as a core strategy and while we may have only just scratched the surface of its abilities, some common examples of how to use AI Marketing can be found across a wide range of businesses – large and small. Some examples aside from Marketing Automation include:

AI Chatbots – Many businesses from energy suppliers to your local cafe now utilise AI Chatbots. An AI Chatbot is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence to simulate and process human conversations. Allowing humans to interact with digital devices as if they were communicating with a real person.

Personalised recommendations – Whether it be what to watch, buy or listen to. The personalised recommendations you receive based on your preferences are all down to AI. Two of the biggest examples of this type of AI Marketing are streaming platforms that recommend things to watch based on your history and retailers that recommend products based on your purchase history.

Virtual reality – Virtual reality plays a huge role in marketing these days. It is becoming more common to be able to try on glasses or clothes virtually or even see how furniture may look in your home.

If you are ready to adopt AI Marketing and want to learn how to use AI Marketing via Marketing Automation, why not request a free SharpSpring demo where we can showcase the powerful platform.

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