Small Business Automation

Small Business Automation: How SharpSpring Can Help

27 Mar 2023

Keeping up with the latest marketing trends and techniques can be a challenge for small businesses. With fewer resources than larger businesses, many are looking at small business automation to help them improve their marketing efforts. SharpSpring by Constant Contact provides SMEs with the small business automation tools they need to streamline their marketing processes and achieve better results.

What is small business automation?

Small business automation refers to the use of Marketing Automation technology and software to automate marketing tasks and workflows. With SharpSpring by Constant Contact, businesses can automate marketing tasks such as lead generation, lead nurturing and email marketing.

As an easy-to-use single platform, SharpSpring by Constant Contact can help with small business automation in the following ways:

  • Make significant time savings so businesses can focus their time on business-critical tasks by automating repetitive tasks and setting up workflows that trigger when certain actions are taken.
  • Improve efficiency not only in your marketing tasks but in the day-to-day operations of your business.
  • Target leads more effectively with personalised content that delivers the right message at the right time to enhance lead generation and lead nurturing.
  • Make the most of your marketing budget by reducing the cost of marketing and increasing your return on investment.

Getting started with SharpSpring’s small business automation

If you are considering small business automation with SharpSpring by Constant Contact here are some steps to get you started:

  1. Be clear on your marketing goals. Understand what you want your marketing campaigns to achieve and how you will measure success.
  1. Focus on one area initially such as email marketing before you try to automate everything. Get comfortable with the platform and tools and slowly expand to other areas.
  2. Nurture your leads. Marketing Automation makes it simple to send personalised content and messaging to leads at different stages of the buying cycle.
  1. Ensure you measure your results to monitor the success of your campaigns and highlight areas for improvement.

Small business automation can help SMEs take their business and profits to the next level. As a SharpSpring by Constant Contact Platinum Partner, we can help you implement Marketing Automation to help you save time, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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