4 Email Marketing Automation Workflows to Keep Leads Engaged

Posted by Marketing & PR on 3 Jun 2019

4 Email Marketing Automation Workflows to Keep Leads Engaged

With 86% of business professional preferring to use email when communicating for business purposes, you cannot afford to ignore the importance of email automation and how it can help you keep leads engaged.

Email is one of the most flexible and effective messaging mediums available to your business. When it comes to ensuring the right people see the right message at the right time, email far exceeds any other form of communication. According to Venture Beat, conversions have a 77% chance of rising for companies that adopt email automation.

“73% of marketers rate email as the number one digital channel for return on investment - Marketing Week. ”

Which is why it is imperative that email automation deserves a key role in your marketing automation strategy. Email automation lets you not only attract leads but you can also nurture them and nudge them closer to conversion by sending them messages that are triggered by their actions and interactions with your business.

This approach not only helps keep your business top of mind but delivering informative content that leads are looking for demonstrates that your business is a leader and an authority within your industry and keeps your leads engaged with your business.

Let’s take a look at 4 email marketing automation workflows that help keep leads engaged and therefore more likely to convert. 

Welcome Email

Increase engagement rates and communicate your key messages with a welcome email when a user signs up to receive emails. Users are more likely to open an email they have just signed up to receive, so sending a welcome email immediately after the sign up will help increase engagement rates.

Welcome emails are a great way to encourage your audience to take the next step you want them to take, such as browse products or request a callback.

Asset Download Email

This type of email works best when the recipient has opted-in for a valuable resource of lead magnet you offer. Based on the topic you can then segment the reader by interest and add them to the list to receive a series of informative emails about this topic as part of your nurture campaign.

When sending asset download emails you may want to consider sending a thank you and confirmation email after the opt-in for the download, followed by some useful tips a few days later and a request for feedback or to arrange a callback a few days after that.

Free Trial Sign Up Email

Offering a free trial to your leads is a good way of determining which leads are warm or hot as those who sign up for the free trial are good leads. It’s good practice to send follow up emails during the free trial to help ensure the user is getting the most from the trial.

These types of emails could include how to guides and videos that showcase the abilities of your product to ensure they get the most from the trial. You could also ask them for their feedback or ask them if they would like to arrange a call so you can demonstrate how to use your product.

Lead Nurturing Email

A key part of email automation workflows, lead nurturing saves time and helps grow your customer base. Sending automated emails based on user actions and behaviours can make your messaging relevant and engaging. 

Monitoring how users interact with you can help you determine what they are interested in and help you send relevant automated emails that reach them at the right time.

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