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Can Small Businesses Benefit from Marketing Automation?

05 Nov 2018

Marketing Automation is a wonderful tool for small businesses. Often many feel that they wouldn’t benefit from it. But the truth is that Marketing Automation can help them gain a competitive edge over their competitors and larger rivals.

Larger companies are more likely to have more resources available to them when it comes to marketing and sales. Firstly, they are likely to have in-house sales and marketing teams. Secondly, their marketing budgets will likely be much larger than that of a smaller business.

As smaller businesses have fewer resources and smaller budgets it’s important that they make the most of what they have.

“One of the biggest benefits smaller businesses have over larger ones is their ability to offer a personal service that their customers trust.”

Marketing Automation can help small businesses build even better relationships with their customers. This helps them grow their business and compete with larger companies. Email Automation can not only help small businesses reach their target audience at the right time. But lead scoring can help them understand where a potential customer is in their buying journey.

This understanding of customers can help small businesses tailor their messages to their audience. It can also help you to communicate with them at the right time. Marketing Automation and lead scoring can help small businesses optimise their marketing budget. It does this by generating leads, nurturing your potential customers, and building customer relationships.

Let’s take a look at three reasons why small businesses need Marketing Automation.

Gain access to crucial campaign data

Analytics and reporting, campaign management, and lead nurturing are considered the top three most useful features of Marketing Automation. The key to any marketing campaign is to have clear objectives and to record and report results. Not to mention, without these two things, how do you know if the campaign was a success?

Marketing Automation gives you access to crucial data to help you measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Understanding what works for your business helps you optimise your strategies to achieve better results and also improve your ROI.

Small businesses that adopt  Automative Marketing can use this insight to win more customers, increase their revenue and grow their business.

Get personal with Marketing Automation

Since the rise in technology and the internet, consumers expect companies, no matter their size, to offer a personal service and when they receive a personalised experience they respond well. As a small business, offering a personal service that can not be replicated by larger businesses is one of your biggest unique selling points.

“Allegra reports that 77% of consumers have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that offered a personalised experience.”

But to offer this consistently across all customers can be time-consuming and costly if you are not using Marketing Automation. Marketing Automation helps you create personalised content by providing you with a wealth of customer data. Leverage email templates, landing page builders, dynamic content, blog builders and call to action buttons to pull leads back to your site.

In short, Marketing Automation can help your small business provide a more personalised experience for your customers. Marketing Automation also helps you remove many of the manual tasks required to build great relationships with your customers and can help you build better, more meaningful relationships that drive sales and customer loyalty.

Drive customer retention

Many businesses large and small focus on gaining new customers and often neglect their existing customers. But having a customer retention strategy can prove more valuable to your business than gaining new customers.

Marketing Automation can help you nurture your customers post-sale to help you maximise cross-sells and upsells. Keeping in contact with your customers after they have made a purchase is an effective way to show you care and take customer service seriously. Ask them for their feedback or reward them for their loyalty with a discount.

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