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Data Management and Unifying Data with SharpSpring

13 Sep 2022

Data management and data unification can deliver huge benefits in improving customer engagement, enhancing the customer experience and aligning sales and marketing teams. Join us as we explore data management and data unification with SharpSpring.

In today’s data-driven world, businesses have more data at their fingertips than ever before. This data can be invaluable for sales and marketing teams. To help them better understand customers and how to market to prospective customers, but only with insightful interpretation and application.

Centralising customer data garnered from multiple channels and tools can help your sales and marketing teams see the whole picture and help them create a more personalised experience for customers with unified data.

Research conducted by SharpSpring in partnership with Ascend2 surveyed respondents on a variety of topics around data management and data unification from the top goals to the most essential elements to implement. Let’s take a look at the findings in a bit more detail.

Most important goals for data management and unification

The top three priorities for those surveyed were improving customer engagement (40%), improving customer experience (36%) and streamlining marketing and sales efforts (34%). Interestingly, increasing the number of leads captured featured fairly low at just 20%, but can be one of the biggest benefits of data management and unification.

Elements most essential to the implementation vs greatest challenges

Maintaining data quality, making unified data actionable and identifying data sources were highlighted as the most essential elements of data management and unification implementation, but they can also be the greatest challenges also. The chart below shows how the essential element and greatest challenges compare.

Data management and unification with SharpSpring

From campaign analytics to unlimited site tracking and email marketing analytics to behaviour tracking, SharpSpring can help businesses get a hold of their data and unify it into one easy-to-use platform that provides sales and marketing with a holistic view of leads and drives their strategies for converting those leads.

Better data management and unification with SharpSpring can help businesses create better customer experiences across the buyer journey and develop content that can help nurture leads along the funnel.

Discover how SharpSpring can give you everything you need in one place to grow your business and win more customers by requesting a free demo.

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