Generate More Sales Leads

Want to Generate More Sales Leads?

12 Oct 2017

So you want to generate more sales leads? That is exactly what Marketing Automation technology has been designed to deliver!

Marketing Automation software gathers intelligence about anonymous website visitors. It then transforms them into actual leads. By tracking them over multiple channels and their devices. It then digests this data and segments your leads into lists based on their own interest groups.

This enables you to provide a very tailored experience that drives prospects down your sales funnel. And ultimately converts them into sales leads.

Segmenting audiences and creating valuable content to generate more sales leads

Once prospects have been segmented, valuable content such as blogs, white papers, emailers and videos can be created and pushed out to your leads. To help build trust between your business/brand and the lead.

Creating this type of content gives them what they want to read and watch, to make an informed purchase decision. No hard sell, remember the internet has made sales a buyer led process. This process helps the customer feel that they are in control.

Your content strategy enables the automation platform to automatically assess their sales-ready status. And nurture them through the sales funnel until they are your customer.

Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than leads that are not nurtured*

A MAP (Marketing Automation Platform) creates 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing activities.

Gain better insights 

Over time, as more and more intelligence is gathered, your business will gain a complete insight into prospect requirements, interests and online choices.

This insight enables you to respond with offers/content that elevate your position as a trusted brand adviser. This sales lead generation tactic has proven to be a game-changer in generating more and better quality leads.

If you don’t have a dedicated sales team, you can design your funnels to drive the process through to a completed sale. If you do have a sales team, then the sales-ready lead can be handed to the sales team when they are ready to purchase.

But it’s not just a question of generating more sales leads for your sales team.  It also creates better leads and opportunities by giving the sales team leads that are ‘sales ready’ and have been nurtured through your sales funnel.

Many B2B companies that have used automation software have ranked this as the number 1 reason why they have invested in the technology.

Reaching out to sales leads, at the right time in the sales funnel

While outbound marketing activities can still generate interest (leads), very often these are non-specific, and far more costly to acquire.

With an automated lead, the prospect will have expressed an interest in a specific subject, ie: by downloading a brochure, watching an explainer video, etc. This gives you a level of insight that is a useful starting point for connecting with them and will help you generate more sales leads in the long term.

Automated alerts can be provided that notifies the sales team to take action when a lead hits a certain lead score

Getting your sales team involved when a prospect is ready to buy

As leads mature and move along the sales funnel, your sales team will be kept informed about progress. They can log into the central dashboard, at any time, to view real-time data on the life of the lead and its lead score.

The lead score is derived from online touch points between your brand and the lead. Such as emails clicked throughs, pages visited, media viewed, forms completed and more.

Automated alerts can be provided that notify the sales team to take action when a lead hits a certain score or has taken a particular action. For example, a completed a form to request a demo.

This allows sales to connect with a lead when they are sales-ready. Making your sales process more productive.

Giving you a new sales capacity and insight into your buyer’s journey

By refining successful automated sales campaigns, you can create faster funnels, higher close rates and improved efficiencies.

Marketing Automation is a fantastic lead generation tactic that can make a huge difference to your business performance and future.

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* The Annuitas Group


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