Marketing Automation Results

Marketing Automation Results: How Long Will it Take?

20 Nov 2017

We know that you want to see results and get speedy payback – a MAP (Marketing Automation Platform) will make a visible difference instantly.

As soon as the software is installed, you’ll be able to see who’s on your website. What they are doing and which pages they are visiting – previously anonymous website visitors will now become wholly visible.

Building Relationships

Connecting with prospects at the awareness stage of the buying funnel, by giving the information that they find valuable helps create long-lasting relationships.

By using ‘forms’ on your website to encourage visitors to sign-up for valuable content. So that anonymous visitors will become known to you, by sharing their email, name, business details. The automation platform then allocates the sign up to a smart list by the product or service they are interested in. So, you can then target them with valuable content that’ll nurture them through a sales funnel.

A sales funnel campaign can take a matter of weeks or months to generate a sales-ready lead depending on what you sell. For example, leads considering a high-value purchase might need more content from you prior to making a final decision. This will extend the sales cycle a little.

What is certain is that as you personalise marketing to your leads, the buyer is building a relationship with you – and not with anyone else.

Remember, this early nurturing is hugely important. 70% of the buying decision is being made, without any direct contact with your sales team. With personalised marketing, you are establishing a loyalty that will keep on growing.

Marketing Automation Results:  what actual payback period can I expect?

From our experience on average, you will start to see a return (on your bottom line), within 4-8 months of your automation campaign launching.

That’s based on our latest research and what the market thinks. You may, of course, prove us wrong – it could be much sooner! We’ve used SharpSpring to launch a new website and this has driven immediate sales leads. The point is, it will deliver more than you expect.

The DNA of effective marketing is content and automation

The actual payback will, of course, depend on the type of products you are taking to market. The reality is, however, that you will be able to track ROI quite clearly.  And that’s why over 51% of B2B companies use MAPs to drive their marketing and sales efforts.

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