Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales and Marketing Alignment: Signs yours Needs Tuning

30 Nov 2022

When it comes to sales and marketing alignment there can be some key warning signs that things can be improved. Understanding these signs can help you spot them quickly, so you can fine-tune your customer marketing strategies.

Failing to make sales and marketing alignment a priority could mean that your business is missing the opportunity to grow and improve customer retention. Taking the time to improve your customer retention can be very profitable in the long run and far less expensive than acquiring new customers. Let’s take a look at some of the signs your sales and marketing alignment could be in need of tuning.

Sales and Marketing Alignment Warning Signs

Here are just some of the signs to look for to show that your sales and marketing alignment may not be optimised:

1. Shared success goals are challenging and sometimes hard to track

2. Teams are not handing over leads between marketing and sales

3. There are issues with managing leads

4. Campaigns are not optimised

5. You have trouble tracking the customer journey

6. Teams struggle to optimise the overall lead process

Why is it important?

Your best customers will be a small group of loyal ones. The goal of any customer marketing campaign is to build customer relationships and loyalty and to increase revenue. This can be achieved through testimonials, reward and loyalty programs, review requests and special events.

To ensure the success of your customer marketing, it is crucial that your sales and marketing teams are aligned and working together. If they are not, it can make the campaign far harder and less successful.

When sales and marketing alignment is optimised it makes everything much easier. It reduces frustration and helps to make the customer feel looked after and happy.

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