Why Should the Education Sector Adopt Marketing Automation?

23 Aug 2018

Discover how Marketing Automation can be used as a core communication tool to help drive enrolments for further and higher education. While they certainly still have their place, traditional methods of driving student enrolment such as printed prospectuses are not always as effective in today’s technology-driven world.

Marketing Automation provides sixth forms, colleges and universities with the tools they need to effectively attract, communicate and track engagement with potential students.

Nurturing the relationship with potential students by providing them with relevant content that is informative and helps them to make the decision on where to study can help drive student enrolments.

Why Marketing Automation for student enrolment?

One of the main benefits of Marketing Automation is the insights it provides into who is visiting your website, rather than telling you 500 people visited your website Marketing Automation platforms such as SharpSpring can identify your visitors and match their email address to their IP address to give you their name and the ability to track how they engage with you.

Turning website visitors into actual individuals provides you with better insights into how potential students are engaging with you and helps identify how likely they are to enrol by assigning a lead score.

Identifying a lead score can help you understand where individuals are in the decision-making process, whether they are a cold lead, warm lead or hot lead based on how they have interacted with the content they have received from you. Knowing this information can help you identify when to contact them to progress them further along the enrolment process.

For example, a potential student has a hot lead score, this tells you that they are ready to make a decision about their further or higher education. This is the best time to make contact with them to take them from a potential student to an enrolled student.

Marketing Automation can be set up to automatically send a dynamic email from your enrolment team to invite those with a lead score of hot to make an appointment to come and view the facilities and discuss their future.

How to communicate with prospective students

When communicating with a generation that have grown up with technology and have used it from a very young age, it is important that sixth forms, colleges and universities adapt and adopt new methods of communicating with prospective students.

Marketing Automation can help them do this when teamed with Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Young adults today are looking for one-click information, they want answers and they want them fast. Delivering the right messages to potential students at the right time can help drive enrolment.

Delivering the right messages

Understanding your audience and their interests is key, while some students may not know what they want to study, others will have a very clear idea. It is important that very early on you ask potential students about their interests, for example, if a potential student has stated they are interested in engineering, then send them content around the engineering courses you offer.

This approach helps you ensure you are sending the right messages to potential students and it can help them stay engaged. Also, ask them about their extracurricular interests so you can let them know about the clubs and events you have on offer.

Communicating at the right time

It is also important to know where potential students are in their journey, have they just finished their exams, just got their results or not even taken their exams yet? Once you have an understanding of where they are in their journey you can use this information to better communicate with them and ensure that your communication is relevant to them.

Understanding the potential student’s journey can also help you to tailor helpful content to them to help build your relationship, such as study guides, revision tips or advice on choosing the right college or university.

Targeting students by behaviour

As well as targeting potential students by interest, Marketing Automation lets you target them by their behaviours too. By tracking how students engage with your emails and website you can better understand the information they are interested in and the areas they want more information, which can help you tailor the content you send them to help them progress along the funnel to enrol.

Even if they don’t enrol, tracking and monitoring their engagement can provide valuable insights that can help you develop your strategy.

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