Is Marketing Automation Better Than Telesales

Is Marketing Automation Better Than Telesales?

15 Nov 2017

Telesales Vs Marketing Automation – which is better? Telesales and telemarketing are a lot harder in today’s modern world. Why? Two words – the internet!

Over the years telesales operations have been highly effective – many still are. But the problem is, your prospective buyer has changed how they like to make connections with suppliers.

In today’s world, buyers are using the internet to find out about you. Your products/services/solutions and to learn about new and exciting things. All without having a single conversation with a human or putting down their smartphone!

In fact, 70% of the buying decision has already been made without any contact with you.

The buyers are aware of you and your competitors and are now at the consideration stage already!

So telesales, in many respects, is a direct sales technique that has a tough future in developing and transforming cold prospects into warm leads. Converting hot leads into sales is where the future resides.

The question is, how do you generate these hot leads and develop effective ways of closing the sale?

Telesales Vs Marketing Automation: Your customer controls the sales process 

The digital revolution has fuelled what many refer to as a customer revolt!

Today’s prospect is now much more familiar with getting online and will use it to get what they want. They are used to doing their own online research, price reviews etc, before they decide that they are ready to buy.

These Tech-savvy customers do not appreciate a hard sell or being put on the spot by telesales staff. Not until they are ready to make their move. As they feel qualified enough to use a simple internet search to find the best supplier, should they need one. 

So how do you reach out to this kind of buyer? Is it through more effective training of your telesales team?

We believe Marketing Automation is a less intrusive way of getting people to connect with your business. We’re not trying to re-write the rulebook. You could argue that the customer has already done that.

We are simply interested in helping businesses like yours to utilise sales and marketing solutions that get a positive response in today’s buyer-led environment.

There are tons on articles in our blog about what Marketing Automation is and does. But simply put – it build relationships with leads by automatically sending or giving them information about your industry, product or service that they find of value, and continuing to follow this up with more and more value – automatically – so you don’t have to!

Bringing in new business, enhancing your visibility

A MAP (Marketing Automation Platform) will not only equip you with a highly effective lead generating tool with unique customer and buyer insights.

It also equips you with the intelligence to trace closed deals back to their origin, so you can better understand what is working, how you need to adapt your sales and marketing activities etc.

Huge capabilities and multiple processes combine to improve your sales performance

In fact, the level of insight and capability provided by a MAP also extends to things like lead scoring and ranking, advanced segmentation targeting in smart lists, AB/testing (comparing two versions of a web page or email to see which one is liked more), individualised landing pages, multiple device and page tracking, progressive profiling (building up info on the lead every time a form is filled in!), time-based or trigger-based automation, life of a lead intelligence and much more.

Armed with all of this data, your sales and marketing teams can concentrate on giving customers the type of content and experience that they crave, to gain their trust, respect and, of course, their order!

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