What are the Benefits of Marketing Automation

What are the Benefits of Marketing Automation?

15 Nov 2017

What are the Marketing Automation benefits for my business? Marketing Automation is a game-changer. It maximises your marketing spend and drives sales growth. 

If you’re currently disappointed with the number of sales leads you are sourcing, nurturing and converting into sales. Then Marketing Automation is something you must have.

It will work for any business, large or small. As long as you invest in content that your prospects find valuable. And that answers their questions. Usually in the form of PDF white papers, research evidence, informative blogs etc.

Why is this necessary?

The internet enables customer needs to become more sophisticated. In short, they can find more so they want more. Customers now expect their suppliers to be a trusted adviser on subjects that interest them. And they want answers to their questions in real-time. 

If you can provide this information and follow it up by giving them more valuable information, you can start to build trust and a relationship.

It’s about building relationships with prospects early on in the buying process by giving them what they want. 

Marketing Automation benefits 

On a basic level, Marketing Automation automates the sending out of information and will:

  1. Convert website visitors into actual prospects.

  2. Secure a big improvement in your ROI.

  3. Free up marketing/sales staff time from carrying out repetitive marketing tasks.

  4. Focus your sales team on hot prospects (through a lead scoring system).

  5. Generate additional revenue as a consequence of bespoke lead nurturing and more conversions.

  6. Help you to improve your sales performance by focusing on sales-ready leads.

This is good because it gets you more customers and more sales. By providing visibility of leads, enabling you to build relationships, gain trust.

When a prospect is 70% through the buying process and ready to make a move, they will come knocking on your door. Given that they believe in you. You have earned their trust and confidence by giving them help and advice from the start.

Scattergun marketing is no longer effective. B2B companies now need to focus on creating personal user experiences.

One of the most powerful benefits perhaps that Marketing Automation provides, is that it creates opportunities for reaching customers in personalised ways, across different online and offline channels.

As you begin to profile visitors to your website and digital channels, and convert them into actual leads. You can start to nurture them through the sales cycle, using automated emails and tailored content that aligns with their profile/needs.

Taking the guesswork out of your marketing spend and refocusing your sales activities

Our Lead Generation software takes the guesswork out of marketing campaigns and activities. To maximise your digital investment and equip you with a platform for engaging and communicating with people that are interested in what you do.

Take a closer look at Marketing Automation – it will surprise you!

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