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Interactive Content: The Reasons Businesses Should Use It

26 Nov 2019

Interactive content cannot be ignored. 93% of marketers agreeing that it is more effective in educating their buyers compared to just 70% for static content. But, what is it? And how can you implement it into your marketing strategy?

When it comes to content marketing, content diversity is key to developing a healthy marketing strategy. While blog posts have their place, there are other more engaging ways to communicate your messages to your customers.

In addition to blog posts, it is important you also include videos, infographics, ebooks, white papers, webinars, and more. Different content appeals to different segments of your audience. This will help attract their attention and keep them engaged.

“91% of B2B buyers say they prefer interactive and visual content to static content.”

The more types of content you create, the more potential your content has to reach a wider audience online. And it’s not only the content itself that should be different. You need to consider the ways you can promote your content. Using tools such as social posts, paid social, Google Ads, and emails are some of the great ways to get your content in front of the right people.

What is Interactive Content?

Although, interactive digital content isn’t something people passively consume; they have to take an action and make choices that impact the content experience. Some examples include:

● Games
● Quizzes
● Personality tests
● Opinion polls
● Cost or ROI calculators
● Interactive webinars
● Interactive ebooks

This Interactive content is an underused content type that has a lot of benefits for businesses and their audiences. Entertainment value is one of the main benefits. It offers a break from passive content consumption and helps differentiate you from your competitors.

But aside from being a form of engaging entertainment, interactive content can also educate your prospects and customers about how to overcome their pain points and what your business offers to help solve their problems.

Using Interactive Content Throughout the Customer Journey

One of the biggest benefits of interactive content is that it can be used throughout the customer journey. Consider using content such as quizzes, polls and interactive infographics in the awareness stage to help you gather information about their needs.

During the evaluation stage, your audience will be looking for more information about you and your offering and will be considering whether you can solve their problems. You may want to consider using interactive content examples such as interactive e-books, white papers, and cost calculators.

In the decision stage, your audience will make the commitment to becoming a customer. This is the most critical stage of the customer journey as the prospect is looking for reassurance that they are making the right decision. Use an interactive content tool such as testimonials and ROI calculators.

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