Marketing Automation Trends for 2019

Posted by Marketing & PR on 25 Jan 2019

Marketing Automation Trends for 2019

Whether you are already using Marketing Automation as part of your business or if you are thinking of adopting it you will be interested to see the Marketing Automation trends for 2019.

Marketing Automation helps you save time, make better use of your marketing budgets, scale your business more effectively and align your sales and marketing teams. Marketing Automation tools are available and beneficial to businesses of all sizes from small to medium-sized business to large international ones.

“Marketing Automation can help small businesses build even better relationships with their customers to help them grow their business and compete with larger companies.”

To get the most out of Marketing Automation it’s important that you keep up-to-date with the latest trends and developments that will shape its future and help you grow and develop your business. Let’s take a look at some of the Marketing Automation trends we expect to see in 2019.

AI and Chatbots will Continue to Rise

The use of chatbots and AI will continue to rise and become more commonplace in Marketing Automation strategies in 2019. Articifical Intelligence can help you track users’ behaviour, requirements and needs to then make intelligent suggestions about which types of content your audience cares about at each stage of their customer journey.

AI can also make suggestions for automated emails and subject lines based on predetermined triggers. For example, when new email subscribers sign up to your newsletter, they’ll receive an automated email welcoming them and telling them what to do next.

The use of chatbots is set to soar in 2019, a chatbot is a computer program or an artificial intelligence which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods to simulate how a human would behave and helps with your lead generation.

Even More Personalised Content

Marketing Automation allows you to connect with your ideal customer and one of the most effective ways to ensure your Marketing Automation campaign is successful is to make your content as personalised as possible.

Analyse data and track user behaviours to see how your target audience is interacting with your business, look at their purchase history to determine the types of content they are interested in or may like to receive.

For example, sending customers advice and tips about how they can use,  look after and maintain the product they have recently purchased from you or suggest other products that complement their recent purchase and that they may be interested in. 

Don’t Forget the Human Touch

Marketing Automation is one of the most effective tools for growing and developing your business, but sometimes the human touch is still needed and cannot be replicated by AI. Use Marketing Automation to attract, generate and nurture your leads, but don’t forget the personal touches too. 

Use lead scoring to help you identify when a potential customer is ready for human contact, hot leads may benefit from a phone call or an invitation to visit your premises or set up a meeting. Contacting your leads in this way when they are at the decision phase of their customer journey can help you convert leads into customers.

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