How much does Marketing Automation actually cost?

Posted by Marketing on 30 Aug 2017

How much does Marketing Automation actually cost?

From £375/month, you can start to benefit from SharpSpring Marketing Automation

If you’ve been reviewing the effectiveness of your current marketing activities, Marketing Automation software is definitely something for you to consider.

Effective marketing is all about visibility and accountability. Take your website visitors for instance: do you have processes in place that help you to track them in real time, nudge and nurture them through your sales funnel, to generate more sales for your business, and then secure a very accountable ROI on your marketing expenditure?

We ask this because Marketing Automation can help you to achieve this, but how do you go about assessing what it’s going to cost?

Get your facts straight – stakeholders will want to know ‘how much’ and if it’s going to deliver

Estimating revenue growth, assessing the potential for cost savings, and other implementation considerations are important when presenting a case for the use of a Marketing Automation Platform (MAP).

It’s only by doing your homework that you are going to convince stakeholders (those that are going to be involved) that it’s worthy of their time and money.

A good starting point perhaps is to use an ROI calculator so that you know what your existing sales and marketing strategy is delivering.

ROI Tool

Most Marketing Automation platforms are delivered via Saas (Software as a service) recurring subscriptions – that can be on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

SharpSpring is different to most, in that it charges users a monthly, manageable fee, and without the need to pay the full annual subscription in advance.

What drives the cost of your subscription?

This depends on the size of your customer and prospects database; most SMEs and medium sized businesses with 5K leads, pay £375/month with SharpSpring. But the price does increase slightly for those businesses with bigger data sets. So, it’s good to be clear from the outset what sort of platform you need and is being offered.

3-5% cost of your marketing programs budget

As a general rule of thumb, Marketing Automation often takes up to 3-5% of your marketing programs budget, as once you have invested in the software and created a content plan, or as we say, produced and turned on a fire hose worth of content! “Keep in coming!”

Bearing in mind the purpose of automation is to accelerate ROI on your sales and marketing spend, that is exceptionally affordable and attractive route for most B2B companies.

Live Demo

It’s easy to forget that Marketing Automation is replacing daily activities of your sales executives and many daily marketing tasks with automated tasks, so the money it will save and the time it will release for your sales and marketing teams is substantial.

What does Marketing Automation cost? Very little we think in comparison to the savings and growth it’s going to generate!

Above all else, remember that Marketing Automation is an effective response to the opportunities and challenges posed by the evolving buyer-led landscape, so it’s an investment in your future success.

Of course the decision to choose Marketing Automation is not just about the monthly fee you pay, it is also about the monthly cost you incur in lost sales through not using it.

With over 90% of buyers saying they will find you when they are ready, Marketing Automation is something that businesses need to afford.

90% of buyers will find you

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